"Nobody's gonna tell me how to wear my hair, not my momma or a big wig millionaire. I'll let it all down anywhere, I'll let it all down everywhere. See, I don't care if you all care, It's on my head and it's not your hair" - The Maine

Just like John O'Callaghan from The Maine, I don't really care if you like my hair or not. I've been dyeing my hair since I was probably about 15 years old, and I seriously don't really know what my natural hair color looks like anymore, but I'm alright with that. I've had almost every hair color you could imagine, and I'm nooooowhere near done. Here is my #1 issue. I only will let one set of hands, besides my own, touch my hair. Gina Tiberi. She owns her own Salon in Larchmont, NY. The Beauty Room (formerly known as C&G Salon). I grew up with Gina, and when she decided to open her own salon, she came to me and asked me to help her with her marketing. I designed her logo and most of her marketing materials, and in exchange she deals with me changing my hair about every 4 months. I now live in Philadelphia which makes my process a little more complicated, but you bet your ass I drive 3 hours home every few months to have her do my hair. Soooo, if you're looking for a new hair dresser, you've probably found her. Mention my name, she might even give you a little discount or something. She really likes me, hahaha. I'll probably repeat all that information about 78 times throughout this whole thing so I'm really sorry about that. Also if you would like to see her work please feel free to check out her website, and also anything I've designed for her is in my "Portfolio" section under “The Beauty Room” and "C&G Salon" 

So anyway, let's get chatting. As an artist, I think there are all different forms of art (obviously.) So, yes, I'm a Graphic Designer, but every time I pick a new color and dye my hair, I'm adding a spark to my creative engine in so many different ways. So how about we just get started. I guess I'll start from as far back as I could find pictures and take you along the journey that is my hair. I hope you enjoy and also I hope this inspires you to go get your hair dyed cool colors!!!


Blondes have more fun

Soooo, I don't know how much you know about dyeing hair, but if you want to put some fun colors in it, you have to have lighter hair. At some point in my life, before I put any product in my hair, I had a medium brown color hair. When I started dyeing my hair around 15 years old, I was an absolute idiot, and bleached my hair myself and used boxed dye. When I started seeing Gina (my fabulous hair dresser that you will hear all about), I got an earful and never went back to the dreaded boxed dye. Please please PLEASE trust me, spend the money on your hair. I promise it's an investment that is truly worth it. So here is probably one of the first times I lightened my hair professionally and I obviously just wanted to make sure it was true that blondes had more fun. Oh and by the way, that's my puppy Bullet. Cute, right? So yeah, pretty simple, just some blonde hair. I think I had a pretty fun summer so I guess I can safely say that yeah blondes have fun. More fun? I'm not too sure about that. I'm always having a blast. 



Purple, purple, purple. My first official color I've ever done, and if I do say so myself, my absolute favorite. Gina has a way of doing my hair so when she puts a crazy color in it, outside it has this vibrant nature to it, and inside it's a little more subtle and natural. I love it. So purple I think always has looked the best on me and it to this day has always been my favorite color that I've done. I think it's just a simple and nice way to add a little bit of color to your life. Plus purple is a little crazy but out of all the artistic colors you could use, it's probably the most normal one that you could pick. Also, I seriously do think that no matter the color you have on your head, if you get it done correctly and by the right person, it will always look great. I've never felt out of place with a crazy color on my head because it's always been done correctly. Shoutout to my girl, Gina! Ugh, love herrrrrrrrr.


BAck To Blonde

It's now 2016, and my brother and his now wife, are getting married. We cannot place any blame because I ASSURE you, they both told me I could keep my hair purple for the wedding, buuuuuut the bridesmaid dress was a shade of purple so I didn't want to look like some weird grape girl. I think that's fair, right? Gina even did my hair for the wedding. I'm telling you, she's so good at everything she does. But yeah, just a simple highlight here on my brown hair. I didn't want anything crazy and I wanted my hair to look normal for pictures. My mom has never been a huge fan of my hair being crazy colors, so I figured for something as big as my brother's wedding, I'll have natural looking hair. Now she can always look back at pictures and I can never get yelled at for anything. I'm always thinking ahead like that. Turns out I actually liked my hair like this way more than I thought I would. Spoiler alert: it stayed like this for a while. 


i'm blue aba dee aba die

Okay, so now my brother has gotten married and I'm about a year and a half into my first job after college. (I graduated in May of 2015, got a job by August of 2015, they got married April 2016 and now we're in March of 2017) Got the timeline down? Like I said, I decided to keep the brown/blonde look for a while, and I grew my hair out prettyyyyyy long. You know, some trims in between but I just really liked what was happening with the color. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I got some glazes in between that time, but overall, the color was good. So now a year and a half into your first job out of college, I'm a Graphic Designer, so why shouldn't I be able to have blue hair? When I tell you I got some WEIRD looks that day I walked into the office, you have NOOOO idea. But, I didn't really care. I fucking loved my blue hair. You would think I would never change it, right? Well, here is the issue. My hair will always take the dye really well and my hair will look SICK, and then it washes out pretty fast. It's actually a frustrating thing. My friend right now just died her hair blue, and it's been like a month and it still looks like she got it done YESTERDAY. Not fucking fair. So fine, whatever, you get what you get and you don't get upset. The issue is, my hair was fading, and it was fading to a green/turquoise which some people would really love, but I unfortunately am not one of those people. On other people, yeah I'm all for it, but on myself, it's just not for me. So as I head to my appointment to Gina, I wasn't sure AT ALL, what I wanted to do with my hair. Which is usually when Gina's role comes in. That's what I really love about her. I can walk in and have no Idea what I want to do, and I end up walking out with the sickest hair color everrrrrrrrrrrr. 

Mermaid Hair

Back to purple!!! As I said, I walked into that appointment having no idea what I was going to do to my hair. I mean, I guess it shouldn't of been that big of a surprise to me since as I said before, purple is my favorite color on me. But honestly, I never know what I'm going to do with my hair. It seriously changes like day to day. But purple it was, and I lovedddddd it! Now here is the one flaw I have with this, as I said I'M OBSESSED WITH THE COLOR. Like obsessed so much that I struggle so much not to go back to purple every day of my life. But what you don't know about this time in my life, is that it was the best hair color I ever had. And as you can probably tell, I take a lottttt of pictures. I love documenting my life. Even if I don't end up sharing any of my pictures, I love to look back on stuff. Of course with the COOLEST HAIR COLOR EVER, I didn't take any pictures. I do have to admit this hair color was very short lived, so that might be why theres not too many pictures. This picture doesn't even do it justice. It seriously ended up looking so cool because the purple ended up fading and some of the blue came through and such. It was just luck I suppose with what ended up fading and stuff but it just worked out so well, and I miss it so much. It was more of a purple, blue, turquoise mix. I looked like a beautiful mermaid that just came up to meet her prince charming. Ugh, take me back. 


Gotta get a job

Buuuuuuuut unfortunately, I needed to get a new job. So this was about a year ago, April 2017, and I decided I was moving from New York to Philadelphia with my best friends. One of my friends already got a job so we were moving no matter what. I already had a two phone interviews, and a little "project" with a company and I had to go down for an interview. It's a very corporate company and you can always take the chance of showing up with purple/blue/turquoise mermaid hair, but that can always go really wrong. I struggle with this a lot, since I have a nose ring. My mom and I would always argue before I would head out to an interview because she would just tell me to take out my nose ring, and I would tell her that I didn't want to and it shouldn't matter.  I think it's a generational thing. The whole piercing/tattoo/hair color situation. Obviously I sit on one end of the discussion, but I definitely work in an environment thats on the other. But you always should push your boundaries.  Stay true to yourself, and just hope everyone around you gets over it. Well thats what I try to do anyway. But I mean, also be respectful about it. Life is about compromise. OKAY, END RANT. So anyway, I got the job!! (I took my nose ring out for the interview, but now I wear it to work every day) But since I was getting rid of my fun colors, I told Gina I wanted a really fun crazy haircut, so she went super super short in the back and this kept me content for a little while. But I mean honestly, did you think just a haircut would work forever? 


going Grey

I do still work in a very corporate office, but hi I get bored so easily, sooooo here I am. I like to make jokes that my job is making me go grey. The truth is though, I think grey hair looks amazing and every older person with grey hair should embrace it. I got pretty sick of hearing "you're giving yourself grey hair and I'm trying to cover mine up!!!" YA, I GET IT, YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR GREY HAIR. Grey is probably one of the more tamed colors I had that wasn't like a blonde/brown. I'm obsessed with it. To keep up with it, I bought myself a special shampoo, although that was an ordeal. I put the Amazon link, but to tell you the truth I sometimes want to murder Amazon. I ordered that shampoo from Amazon and it just like never got to me. So I had to order it from some weird website and pay shipping, which was annoying BECAUSE I PAY FOR PRIME. But, whatever, after 10 DAYS OF NOT WASHING MY HAIR, my shampoo finally got to me and I washed it. I would use the silver shampoo in the shower every time I washed my hair (which by the way, is only like once or twice a week.) Although that kind of shampoo makes the root of your hair feel a little greasy, or mine at least, so I would wash my root again after with normal shampoo. Which was totally fine, since I don't normally have to much color towards my root. Like I explained I don't really have the time, patience, or money for any of that. But Gina makes it easy. So here is my grey hair. Probably one of the best things that I did. It was so fun but so subtle. What a good time in my life.


Don't fix what isn't broken

This hair color was an adventure. You know when you have something good, and you don't ever think something can go wrong with it? Well like they say, don't fix whats not broken. I loved loved loved my grey hair, but creative Jen got involved and wanted to add some fun colors into it. Purple, blue, you know, the usual. I couldn't stay away. So I went into the salon and Gina started messing around. The crazy part was, she legit got the PERFECT COLOR, EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I can't even explain to you, it was perfect. We both looked at it and said "maybe we should do a quick glaze." What a bad idea. DON'T FIX WHAT ISN'T BROKEN. Gina and I definitely learned that on that afternoon. The glaze just kind of meshed all the colors together. So what was one a beautiful grey blue and purple, was now dark and mostly just navy blue/purple with no grey. Now let me tell you, Gina is not a quitter. So when she realized it just ruined all her hard work and now my hair wasn't exactly what I wanted, she went back and started lifting up some color. She lightened a lot of the color that the glaze darkened pulled back up some grey. This was Thanksgiving Eve of 2017 and I went to my friends house for a little house party that night. The amount of compliments I got on my hair was insane. Which is just hysterical that something Gina and I weren't that happy with at the end of the day, everyone else loved. Just goes to show you how subjective art is. So anyway, Gina told me I had to come into the salon a few days later, I didn't have a choice. She likes her end result to be loved by both her and her client, which makes her such a good hairdresser. So I went back to the salon, and she lifted some color a little more, added some more colors, and look at this fabulous fucking masterpiece that she created. Now I know that I hype Gina up a lot, but come on, tell me another person that is going to put this much love and attention into your hair just to get it exactly how you're picturing it?


Silver Fox

Now, like I've mentioned probably a trillion fucking times, the commute from Philly to New York has put a strain on my hopes and dreams for my hair. I loooooove my colors. I also did miss my grey a lot, but it's just hard to keep up with everything. Plus, working in such a corporate environment, I decided I think it's time to go a little more natural. I get to the salon and I tell Gina I want a blonde/grey mixture. I want my hair so that when my grey fades out, I don't have to do anything if I don't want to. So that if I ever needed to just get a box of grey dye (at her recommendation - haven't you learned ANYTHING FROM ME. NO BOX DYES!!!) and just do a quick touch up in Philly, I can. I needed options, and she understood that. So, I sat down and I got my stormy grey/blonde hair that I asked for. It is perfect. Professional, fun, still have that short in the back little bob going on to keep my style spunky. I couldn't ask for anything better. I even went back up a few weeks later when some grey had washed out and I kept the blonde look a little more. Still a little bit of grey in there, but I stayed more blonde. Honestly, I love them both. That ashy look was such a good entrance to the Spring weather.


too big of shoes to fill

So even though the commute to get my hair done is hard, I always have to make it. It turns out I was gonna be back up in New York pretty short after I had my Silver Fox moment, so I got a little touch up. I was in a rush that day so I literally made Gina become Superwoman. I was heading to a NY Ranger game that night and I showed up at the salon a little before my appointment but told Gina I only had about 3 hours max. She got a little stressed at first but she obviously got the job done because she's a superhero. Turns out because I showed up early to the salon, she didn't have time to blow out my hair for me, so I sat at her station and blew-dry my hair myself. Every client in the salon was giving me crazy looks, so Gina went up to them all laughing explaining to them that we grew up together and since I was in a rush to get out of there she was letting me blow dry my hair myself to save time. My joke of the day was that I should apply to work there. Although, I don't think I could ever do Gina's job. That is seriously way too big of shoes to fill. 


Trust The PRocess

Last but not least, here we are. From living in Philly, I think the main thing I learned (yes from the 76ers being in the playoffs) is Trust the Process. I think I take that to heart and especially when it comes to my hair and Gina. I put my full faith in her and just whatever happens happens. So this was about a month ago, the last time I was in the salon. It's not much different then the few images before, since as you can tell, I'm keeping a similar style. I have decided to let my hair grow out so that is very new for me. My blonde/grey ratio probably isn't as grey as I would like but nothing is permanent, and everything can always be updated. I'm thinking of doing a little dye job at home, in Philly, with Gina's blessing of course. Although, I honestly am having fun being a blonde. So maybe 2015 Jen was wrong, and being blonde is more fun. I guess I'll have to keep taking notes and decide. But in the end, I'm loving my color and my cut as always and it's always thanks to my favorite salon owner and hair dresser, Gina.



Soooo, like I mentioned, I was thinking about trying an at home dye job myself. Guess how it turned out? Just fucking awful. I tried to dye my hair grey, it turned like GREEN. OMG, it was so bad. So I just 'color oops' from the local drugstore which made me a BLOOOONNNDDEEEEEE. Although, when I walked in the salon, Gina goes "why is your hair green???" Good thing I was walking around like that for a few weeks, right? So when I showed up at the salon I told Gina I wanted to go rose gold. Summer is here and I wanted some warrrrmmmm ~vibes~ and such. So she did it and it was exactly what I showed her in the picture, and then we both looked at each other and we were like "let's go a little more extreme so when it fades, it'll look like this gorgeous rose gold color. She brought out the color book and I was looking at some like red/pinks, and she points and this HOT PINK color, so I go "yup, lets do it!" I am loooovvvinnnng my pink hair, and I also cannot wait to see the rose gold color that it fades to within the next few months. HELLO SUMMER, I'M HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Icy Blonde

I told some of my coworkers that I was heading back to NY to get my hair done for the first time in 3 months, and they seriously thought I was regularly going to get my hair done every few weeks. The pink had faded even more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined. Even when I sat in the chair, with hair that I hadn’t washed in over a week, Gina said “Your hair looks gorgeous. This length, the color, the style, everything. Are you sure you want to do something to it today?” The pink was everything I wanted and I loved it, but I was ready for a change. Fall was coming, and I wanted a nice Icy Blonde. I don’t even know what made me want blonde. I think it was that I technically have had blonde hair for so long now, but it was always covered up with colors, and every time a color faded I would always complain to my roommates and say “ugh, I didn’t want to be blonde!!!” But somewhere along the way, I started to really like it. When I started doing the Silver Fox look was kind of when I started to realize that, but I don’t think I was ready to full admit it. Although, here I am now, fully admitting it, and now fully blonde. Still with my dark root though, because I do not have time, energy, or money for that hahaha. But I am super excited to be blonde, and I’m ready to have some FUN.


Icy Blonde feat. some low lights

I’m backkkkk. I went to visit Gina again for a touch up. I’m still loo0o00oving my blonde beyond belief. I wanted to touch up a few of the highlights, add in some low lights under, and bring my root down just a touch. I’ve always liked the blonde look that doesn’t actually look like I’m trying to convince the world I’m a natural blonde. Which means; my root is low and some of my natural brown shows underneath. Adding this in was exactly what I was looking for and I’m absolutely obsessed with my hair!! Gina killed it, once again!

I also wanted to share a new purple shampoo recommendation that I got from Gina!

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

This shampoo has literally been LIFE CHANGING. I only use it about once a week (since thats usually the only time I wash my hair) and I leave it in while I shave. But beware, this shampoo is powerful!!! On the third week of doing that, it actually stained my hair purple!! So, I would recommend just washing with it and only leaving it in for about 5 minutes. But it seriously will take all the brassy color out of your hair!


Blonde, Blonde, Baby

Here’s the thing. I walked into the salon and told Gina I wanted her to make my hair as blonde as possible without it falling out of my head. Guess who delivered!!!!!!!!!! A bitch is B L O N D E. I’ve literally never been so blonde, it’s insane. I’m in love. My root is still brown, which we all know by now is super important to me, but most of my head is obviously. I still regularly use my Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, which helps keep the color vibrant. In all honestly though, I still cannot believe how long I’ve actually been blonde. It’s been over a year!!! I haven’t been one color this long since before I started dying my hair. Maybe it’s time for a change soon???? I don’t know though, because I’m still loving my color. We’ll see what happens.

Xoxo - Take care of your hair, kids!!!


Lights, camera, action

Ladies and gentleman, here she is, the one and only: Gina Tiberi.

She is seriously the nicest and best person. Not only is she an amazing hair stylist, but she is genuinely one of my favorite humans. When I sit in the salon for hours on ends, and hear her chat with her clients, it’s one of my favorite things. She remembers the craziest details about each of her clients. Their partners, children, favorite hobbies, where they last traveled on vacation, the list goes on and on. Always an amazing experience.

10/10 highly recommend

If you live in Westchester, New York and you’re looking to get your hair done, you should stop by and see Gina.

The Beauty Room in Larchmont, NY. Don't forget to tell her you know me!

I'll try to update this blog every time I change my hair and tell you what I did to it. Just to keep you updated on my life, in case you care! If not, then don't read!! 

c&G Salon

Dyeing your hair is definitely a fun thing to do. I would 10/10 recommend it. But in all seriousness, I think there are obviously certain ways to go about it. Just please, please, please don't use a box dye. Get out of CVS. Go pay someone who is a professional and spends their entire day doing this. They probably went to some kind of schooling for this, and they know what they're doing. I'm a Graphic Designer so I guess I look at it more like, someone will pay me to do their marketing materials instead of doing it themselves. Even if they can do it themselves, it's probably going to come out nicer if they let me do it (in the least conceded way possible.) So why wouldn't that same thinking apply to a hair dresser. Yeah, I can dye my hair, but I'm probably also ruining it with horrible dye and chemicals and I should just go to a professional. Sooooo, you should just do the same. When I'm 60 I don't want to be bald, I want my grey hair to look gorgeous. Don't you?

*updated photo with “The Beauty Room” sign coming soon*